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Terms & Conditions

Service Details

TriniOracle Ltd. provides digital advertising for local businesses and service providers on its website in the form of a (single-page, web-styled, landing page) i.e. Business Listing. Each web page/Business Listing is online searchable with a website's single page website layout. Each Business Listing is custom-built. Business Listing content will vary based on the advertising package selected and content i.e. (images and worded content) submitted, also based on Pro Add-ons selected. Worded content is to be provided via TriniOracle online registration forms upon registration, additional worded content and images can be sent digitally either by WhatsApp or by email. Images and videos to be uploaded on the said webpage are to be free of logos and watermarks from external apps.

TriniOracle employs a combination of WordPress, WordPress plugins, paid software applications, websites, and social media integration, including links and feeds, to create each business listing.

AI Integration

TriniOracle incorporates AI-generated images and text into its business listings for the purpose of improving the overall quality, visual appeal, SEO, and informational content of each listing. The AI-generated images and text provided by the AI Provider shall remain the intellectual property of TriniOracle. The Company is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use, display, and distribute the AI-generated content solely for the purpose of enhancing and completing business listings. TriniOracle will make all efforts to ensure that the generated content is accurate and relevant to each business listing. However, the Company retains the right to review and request modifications to the AI-generated content before final incorporation.

Social Media Integration

We enhance the online presence of your business listing by seamlessly integrating active social media accounts. We generate links to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok through intuitive call-to-action buttons, ensuring that your audience can easily connect with your brand across these prominent channels. Additionally, we offer the option to include one Social Media Feed within your selected business listing, providing real-time updates and engagements with posts and shared images taken from your social media account. Login access will be required to set up a Social Media Feed.

Alerts & Notifications

A valid Gmail account will be required for businesses to receive alerts and notifications from their TriniOracle Business Listing ie: Payment Alerts, Customer Messages, Appointment Requests, etc.

Online Payments

TriniOracle Business Listing offers a convenient and secure online payment system for products, goods, and services. Payments can be completed through online paylinks and directly transferred into your bank account, simplifying and streamlining the payment collection process.

Online Payment Qulification Terms

TriniOracle's Online Payment Feature is exclusively available for locally registered businesses. Businesses interested in utilizing this feature must adhere to the following documentation requirements:

1.Business Identification: A copy of a valid identification document (ID) of the business owner or authorized representative.

2.Proof of Address: A recent utility bill or official document indicating the business's registered address. (Bank Statements & Cellphone Bills cannot be used)

3.Business Registration Form: A copy of the business registration form issued by the relevant local authority.

4.Letter of Interest: A signed letter of interest expressing the business's intention to use the online payment feature. This letter will be provided by TriniOracle.

5.The name and location of your bank along with bank account number you would like online payments to be transferred to.

These documents are essential to verify the legitimacy and local registration of businesses before granting access to the online payment feature. By complying with these requirements, businesses can ensure their eligibility and enjoy the benefits of this feature.

Grounds for Termination or Deletion of Business Listing

(1) Business has provided false information upon registration

(2) Business information such as location or contact info is not kept up to date

(3) Business has been reported as closed down by the owner or other individuals

(4) Business is either suspected or found guilty of defrauding customers

(5) Business owner or staff assaults TriniOracle representative physically/verbally

(6) Failure to pay full registration fee, registration renewal fee, or upgrades fee.

(7) TriniOracle has been issued an authorized legal request to delete said web page

(8) If requested by new or existing business owner/owners

(9) Failure to notify TriniOracle about business relocation.

(10) If a business has either been found to be or fallen into disrepute.

Terms of Agreement

(1) General information such as (Phone Numbers, Address, and E-mail Address) is to be kept up to date. TriniOracle is to be immediately notified in the event of such changes to update your online information. Businesses are allotted two free updates per year with regards to contact information or change of address after these standard charges apply.

(2) All photos and or videos submitted must be your own and free of watermarks from third-party apps and or applications; TriniOracle does not condone the submission of the work of others as your own.

(3) A storefront photo must be submitted for businesses/services provided at a given location. These photos are uploaded alongside your Google Map. This is a requirement for those who have chosen the Google Directions Add-on.

(4) Having a Business Bank Account is advised for receiving online payments.

(5) Check your completed Web Page for any errors upon its completion you have 48 hrs to report any errors after which the standard fee applies.

(6) All videos submissions are to be made live links ie: (urls)

(7) I understand that all photos submitted may not be published on my web page as too many images willresult in a longer loading period

(8) Minimum wording/text is allotted to each Advertising Package. All wording will be provided by customers and filled out on TriniOracle's Registration Forms. For Business Listings with more/additional wording, largeradvertising packages are required.

(9) Additional Images and or Videos can be sent via WhatsApp or by Email, along with the company’s name and relevant contact information.

(10) Standard Service & Business Listings are usually completed within (1 - 2 weeks) this may vary based on our current workload, image quality & Advertising Package Selected.

(11) TriniOracle is not responsible for customer/user comments posted to your web page with regards to services, products, or general points of view.

(12) I understand that Business Listings, Landing pages are forms of digital advertising designed to increase physical traffic and awareness for businesses through intent-based advertising.

(13) Sales & Event locations to be added to TriniOracle’s Sales and Event Map are to be Submitted (72 hrs. before actual Event Date)

(14) Images provided to TriniOracle for publication on your webpage must not be sourced from Google or any other unauthorized platforms. Moreover, all photos featuring individuals should only be submitted with their explicit consent, and the individuals must be informed that the images are intended for online publication. Publishing copyrighted materials is prohibited by law, and therefore, companies are required to assume legal responsibility for all images and content they submit.

(15) Additional information may be required in instances where businesses do not have a valid email address. Basic information such as Full Name, Date of Birth etc. will be required for the creation of a new Gmail account.

(16) Product Sales Pages require information such as Individual Product Names, Product Details, Colour, Sizes and Product Prices.

Need to Know

Images & Videos Images & videos submitted to TriniOracle that are e ither poor in quality, or consist of copyright materials, depict/promote violence, contain nudity, and contain obscene language will not be used. Submitted images may be cropped or resized, images that cannot be resized and or contain kown copyright materials will not be used. Not all Submitted images or videos may be used in the completion of your Business Listing, All Submitted images are Deleted upon completion of each listing, TriniOracle is Not in the habit of storing or saving of any images. If customers are intested in getting copies of submitted images or AI generated made by TriniOracle they are asked to download it themselves from their own Business Listing.

Paid Images TriniOracle uses a mix of paid copyright-free images and AI Generated images, along withsubmitted images for the completion of each webpage. In instances where submitted images are of lowquality paid images will be used. Paid images may contain persons whose appearance does not match thegeneral populace of Trinidad and Tobago. Images that are the most relevant or closely suited will be used.If Additional images are desired/requested and are found to be on an external platform outside of thoseused by TriniOracle Said customers can pay the difference to have said images added.

Worded Content, the wording on webpages and websites improve their ranking in google searches as such Registered Businesses may be contacted and asked to submit additional wording for the completion of their webpage/ business listing. TriniOracle WILL NOT fill out/create ALL 100% of worded content for any Business Listing.Also some wording may be generated by AI platforms but first general need to know information is needed from each customer.

In Page Ads TriniOracle uses ads to supplement the cost of maintaining its website. Some in-page adsdisplayed may be selected by Google Ads or another such Ad provider and NOT TriniOracle.

Company Logos are to be submitted by Soft Copy. Logos to be used within webpages single page menuare to be 500px by 250px, circular logos will be resized accordingly. In instances where companies eitherdidn't submit a logo or don't have one Stylized Text with the companies, names would be used. Photostaken of business logos either on buildings or on pieces of paper or business cards are not acceptable.

Webpage Completion Time, Standard Service Listings can be completed within (1 - 8 workdays) while Business Listings and Product Pages may take (1 -21 workdays) completion time may vary based on current workload, customer's custom request, photos submitted and also based on the Pro Add-On selected.

Business Location, each Business Location to be listed on the webpage is to be shared to TriniOracle forthe completion of the Map Section at the end of each webpage. The preferred/recommended platform tobe used is Google Maps which are easily shareable via WhatsApp on any Android Device. Satisfaction Check - 48hrs after the publication of your webpage customers are advised to view to checktheir business listing to ensure that it is to their liking. Any changes to be made afterward will accrueadditional charges.

Website Updates TriniOracle updates its website and applications regularly and reserves the right to make updates to its current Business Listing to maintain the functionality of TriniOracle also reserves the right to temporarily shut down its website to make necessary upgrades in the event where upgrades cannot be done otherwise.

TriniOracle Pricing & Fees – TriniOracle reserves the rights to make changes/updates to the cost of it's services and the cost of it's digital advertising packages prices.

TriniOracle Appointments – TriniOracle reserves the rights to make cancell scheduled appointments on given dates if the area for said appointment seems unsafe (to be determined by TriniOracle Represenative on site or in route), in such instances Only if requested a full refund pertaining to that job will be issued

3rd Party Applications, TriniOracle encompasses several 3rd party applications and external programs in the completion of its webpages and is not responsible for any temporary failure of these applications.

Addition of New Content, the addition of new worded content, changing of images, uploading of new videos, and the addition/editing of TriniOracle's Pro Features after completion of a said webpage after 24hrs. webpage review period/Satisfaction Check Period comes at an additional fee. However, customers who repeatedly request new changes and additions within every 48hr and are found to intentionally abusethis 48hr window will be subject to the standard update fee/charges.

Visuals and Animations, some content ie. videos, background videos, and animations may not be visibleon devices that run/use older operating systems.

Registered Businesses are listed on website for a six-month period which starts from the day your Business is published on and ends 6 months after said date. Web Pages may be deleted before this cycle if the Business closes down of said establishment does not comply with any ofthe Terms & Conditions Listed Above

Satisfaction check - Upon completion, business owners are asked to view and inspect their web page to check for any errors or changes to be made, and contact us immediately about desired changes or editing to be made as all changes made after the first 48hrs of completion will incur a separate charge

Contract Renewal Policy - Contract annual renewals are not mandatory. Should you choose to renew your contract a standard fee of $200TT applies regardless of the Advertising Package Selected? This $200 renewal fee only applies if no changes are to be made to your current business listing. All fee is to be paid before the Actual Registration Date

Web Pages Update or Exchange Policy - All Registered Businesses Requesting a Full Template Change or Advertising Package Update inclusive of new; maps, photos, video or worded content, etc. will be charged the Full Registration Price

Change of Advertising Package - No Discounts will be given for any changes in Advertising Packages. Current Promotional Discounts & Offers will apply if any.

Refund Policy - To ensure the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality online advertising, every web page undergoes multiple processes before reaching completion. As a result of this commitment to excellence, TriniOracle operates under a strict no-refund policy.

Google Maps - Google maps are not always up-to-date with countries outside of the US, because of this at times you will see buildings and establishments that are no longer there listed on embedded maps on your

web page this is no fault of ours. Our markers are placed as close to your given location as possible. Additional Embedded Maps Will cost Extra.

TriniOracle Images & Icons - TriniOracle uses copyright-free images and icons from our gallery in the completion of some web pages as a result of this some images may be seen recurring on other pages if relevant/usable photos were not accessible. Icons used on our web pages are taken from our template gallery we do not use external icons and or copyright images in the publication of our web pages.

When Do I Pay – Payment is only required for any changes, upgrades, or updates made to your business listing either requested by you or persons on your behalf, however, this excludes your (3) free updates to Business Contact/Phone No. and updates to Current Business Location ie Google Map.

Facebook Comments – TriniOracle will not remove any comments made by users on businesses listed on our website. All comments are made through Facebook integration software.

Exclusionary Business Categories:

At TriniOracle, we strive to maintain a high standard of quality and relevance in our business listings. To ensure the best user experience for our visitors and promote ethical practices, we do not accept listings from businesses falling into the following categories:

Illegal or Illicit Activities: Businesses engaged in any illegal or illicit activities, including but not limited to drug trafficking, human trafficking, counterfeit goods, or any other activities that violate local or international laws.

Harmful or Dangerous Products/Services: Businesses offering products or services that pose a risk to public safety, such as weapons, explosives, harmful substances, or any activities that encourage violence or harm to others.

Unethical or Deceptive Practices: Businesses involved in fraudulent or deceptive practices, including scams, pyramid schemes, or any activity aimed at misleading or exploiting consumers.

Adult Content or Services: Businesses primarily focused on explicit adult content, pornography, escort services, or any activities that are not suitable for a general audience or violate community standards.

Discriminatory or Hate-Based Organizations: Businesses promoting discrimination or hatred based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factors that promote divisiveness or harm towards specific groups.

• Any product, service or activity that is deceptive, unfair, predatory or prohibited by one or more Card Associations.

• Any Merchant selling counterfeit goods or any product or service that infringes on the copyright, trademark

• Brand or Reputational damaging, potential or otherwise, activities including Child Pornography, Escort Services, Mail Order Brides, Occult.

• Digital Wallet, Cryptocurrency or Prepaid Companies.

• Drug Paraphernalia.

• Internet/Mail Order Pharmacies.

• Pawn Shops.

• Pseudo Pharmaceuticals.

• Psychics and “occult” businesses.

• Quasi-Cash or Stored Value.

• Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs.

• Transacting Virtual Currency or credits that can be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital goods or services or otherwise exit the virtual world.

• Digital Wallet, Cryptocurrency or Prepaid Companies.

• Drug Paraphernalia.

• Internet/Mail Order Pharmacies.

• Investment or “get rich quick” merchants, businesses or programs.

• Marijuana dispensaries and related products or services.

• Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

TriniOracle Reserve the Rights to Add More Categories To This List

Permission Granted

1.1 The Business ("Client") hereby grants [TriniOracle Ltd.] the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and permission to display advertisements online and on social media platforms using the Client's business name, logo, and likeness for the sole purpose of digital advertising to promote both the Client's business and

1.2 The Client also grants TriniOracle Ltd. permission to upload, use, and convert images and content provided by the Client online and on artificial intelligence platforms for editing, enhancing, and AI-based image generation, strictly for the purpose of creating digital advertising materials.

Image Usage

2.1 The Client themselves have the necessary rights and permissions to use such created content mad by TriniOracle Ltd. in their own advertising as long as this content has media provided by the client. and no other business/ client’s content is used, no claim are to be made in such advertising with regards to TriniOracle Ltd. without their permission and content is to be sourced and downloaded by said client themself.

2.2 TriniOracle will use its best efforts to ensure that the uploaded images are used solely for the purpose of digital advertising and will not distribute, sell, or license these images to any third parties without the prior written consent of the Client.

Duration of Permission

3.1 The permissions granted herein shall remain in effect for the duration of the digital advertising campaign or as otherwise specified in a separate agreement between the Client and Company.

Intellectual Property

4.1 Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as a transfer of any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights or trademarks, from the Client to TriniOracle Ltd.. All intellectual property rights related to the Client's business name, logo, and content shall remain the property of the Client.


5.1 TriniOracle Ltd. agrees to keep all Client-provided images and content confidential and to use them solely for the purpose of digital advertising as outlined in this agreement.

Compliance with Laws

6.1 Both parties shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, including but not limited to data protection and privacy laws, in the course of performing their obligations under this agreement.

Termination of Permission

7.1 Either party may terminate this permission, with or without cause, upon written notice to the other party.

7.2 Upon termination, the Company shall cease using the Client's images and likeness for advertising purposes, and the Client shall retain all rights to their business name, logo, and content.

Governing Law

8.1 This permission section shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Trinidad & Tobago, and any disputes arising from or relating to this permission shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Trinidad & Tobago.

By signing below, both parties acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the terms outlined in this Permissions Section.

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